How many times have you said, “I’m going to lose weight” or “I need to start exercising” or “My goodness, I went to see my doctor and my blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugars are off the chart!”? Every adult has experienced this or knows someone who has. A sadder reality is all too often, we see children on their way to school in the morning with their “breakfast” in hand. On the menu, we have chips, cakes, sugar ladened drinks, sodas and candy. This menu repeats itself throughout the day for children and adults. Many of us aren’t getting the proper nutrients needed to kick-start our brains for a productive day…and we are getting more unhealthy as time goes on.

Baby Steps to Healthy Living is designed to teach adults and children that physical fitness and healthy eating can be a way of life. Participating in fun and exciting workshops, you will learn to incorporate physical activity into your everyday lives and make better decisions when it comes to eating.

The goals to Baby Steps to Healthy Living are to:

  • Give general knowledge of physical activity
  • Show the relationship between physical fitness and a healthy mind and body
  • Give general knowledge of nutrition
  • Increase the awareness of healthy eating habits
  • How to incorporate the new information into your daily routine

Sessions are 1 hour. Choose from 3 day workshops offered weekly at YOUR LOCATION!  A healthy snack is provided at the end of every workshop! Need a walking/exercise partner?  Baby Steps will walk and workout with you!

For individuals/families: Workshops at your home for the entire family

For Businesses/Organizations: Workshops offered at your business for a single session or choose more.

For schools: Workshops offered as an assembly or for individual classrooms.

Daycare Centers: It’s never too early to learn about healthy eating and keeping active.  


Not in the Philadelphia area? Baby Steps to Healthy Living will travel to your business! *Fee for workshop doesn't include travel and lodging* Must be hotel, no private homes. Contact Ekeoma Washington for quote.